How long will it be since the release of the first version of Librem 5 until the release of the second version?

Hi, I’ve talked to some people about this phone and some people are interested.

I have been told that they would wait for the second version (with bug fixes) of Librem 5 to come out.

This causes me curiosity.

  1. Will there be a second version of Librem 5?

  2. How many months after the release of the first version?

There were several versions of OpenMoko. It took a year to have a second version, but they were more complicated times.

There was also a second version of Fairphone 2, although I think this second version was because they ran out of the first screen model. Unfortunately, I received the second version and many operating systems were not compatible with this second screen. Fairphone disappointed me a lot.

Good question! Of course, we would all like a better, faster, stronger, Librem 5 v2, and we have collected ideas and learned from our current experience, but the Librem5 v1 story is far from over. The release of the second version is going to depend on many factors, such as the reaction to the first one, the shape of the market, etc.

So if you’re wondering whether you should be waiting for the next release, don’t wait. First, there are no deadlines for v2, and second, by buying v1, you’re going to send a signal, helping v2 happen.


I think that starting to work on a v2 would be good when the v1 would have 3-5 years behind him, that way Purism and the community will grow experience in building smartphones and developing for them so the v2 will be a big upgrade (not like nowadays smartphones that don’t get much improvement, or at least when they get improvement I get the feeling of “why would I need such a thing, that feels more like a gadget than anything else”).


@LibremOnly5 it also depends in what you expect from a v2.

Taking the experience from the laptops, you can possibly expect a v2 about a year later, but with very moderate changes, like more RAM, storage, same CPU but more power efficient, better battery… So, nothing really worth waiting for just because. Also, as Dorota said: Show your support now, just so you will live to see the v2 become a reality.

Given the latest delivery date update, I’m also quite confident that it will not have severe “hardware bugs”. And software bugs will go away on a weekly basis, because this phone is not like any phone you used before :wink:

A real update, as @Yuno hinted, will take several years, I’m sure. My personal wish would be that Purism will release a new line of phones and laptops that are RISC-V based instead of ARM and Intel.
That’s the future of technical freedom I want to live in.
And that’s why I buy ARM and Intel stuff from Purism today :smiley:


And Todd Weaver has said several times that RISC-V is the goal. Just gotta wait for it to mature and become readily available


I think, that there there is a great potential in developing the software. When I see how KDE gets regularly updates, I expect Plasma Mobile to get substantial regular updates. Is Gnome moving as fast as KDE/Plama?

Talking about waiting for the v2 may be premature given that v1 hasn’t even shipped yet! If you really want to see this concept continue to grow and mature, you should order at least one unit of the current iteration. That’s how they’ll know there’s a market for continued growth in this direction, and how they’ll have the funds to do so!


Wouldn’t an all too hasty development of a v2, sort of, go against the whole idea of a phone that wont be obsolete within a year or two?

Developing a v2 before the v1 has hit the market sounds exactly like the strategy Apple, Samsung and all these other obnoxious companies adhere to.


Not necessarly. If they only make a small update it will make almost no inpact software wise. See the laptops: Version 1 is not obsolete although they already released version 4.
If they make a big overhaul it could get a bit more tricky but as the phone is based on linux I am not worried at all.

poor Mr.Weaver . the v1 has just been postponed for q3 2019 and there is ALREADY talk about the v2 ! you gotta love the internet :sunny:

on a more serious note … how long has it been since the inception of the v1 ?

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I was thinking more in terms of dangling fancy, shiny upgrades in front of our noses, which would make the v1 look outdated…

I have prepaid the v1.
And hopefully with no hesitation, in like 12 months with our feedback, Purism will start updating hardware.
Depending on whats lacking. I would option out a stronger device EVERY chance i have. That’s my fetish.

Let’s get v1 out the door before we discuss v2 :sweat_smile:

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