How many displays on Librem 13v2? VGA via USB?

Hello everybody,

How many displays can you get with the Librem 13v2?
My plan is the following setup:

  • internal displlay
  • first external display via native HDMI (HDMI - HDMI)
  • second external display via USB3.0 above (Superspeed?) (USB - VGA?)
  • USB-C mini dock with additional USB-ports for mouse and keyboard

VGA for the second ext. display would be ok for me, since I plan to use it for development and not some fancy high-gaming or something. My concern is just, that the internal GPU does not support more than one external display or may be just support two active displays at the time.

As far as I understood 13v2 does not offer any graphics support for the internal USB-C port, hence I think I need to go with a USB3.0-solution. Please correct me, if I’m wrong - happy to just go with a USB-C dock and be done with it :wink:

KR & thanks for the help!

I would just find the max resolution specs for the Intel GPU being used, and that will tell you what can be supported.

Provided the sum total of your additional displays doesn’t surpass that max resolution, you should be good. No word on performance though. I wouldn’t imagine it to scale well going across so many different I/O ports. Should still be functional for office like work though I’d imagine.

Edit: Just looked it up for you:

Looks like you are limited to one 4k screen. So you can use up to 4 1080p monitors.

Specs also say that it supports 3 monitors.

From connection point of view: Is display daisychaining (comp -> monitor -> monitor) supported?