How many LEDs light on a Librem 5?

When I use the torch on my Librem 5, only the bottom of the two LEDs seems to illuminate. It has been like this since the first time I tried it. Is it normal?

(Without wishing to blind anyone by making them stare at their own Librem 5 LEDs. :smile:)

My initial and continuing assumption is that the feature hasn’t been fully implemented yet, but it’d be good to get some confirmation of that.

My forum-searching skills let me down.
This issue is mentioned in another thread:


As many as you can fit. Remember they sell LED lamps you can plug into the USB port.

I can confirm that this works.

One of the advantages of the reversibility of the USB-C port is that you can point the light in either direction. :wink:

As it happens, I don’t actually need a light very often, and the one that’s built in is quite adequate for anything I might think of using it for. I just wondered why only half of it was lighting up!