How many of you have gotten this email?


This is a PRE-order from 2019. (Please see what does pre-order mean:

We should reach orders from 2019 in Q3 or Q4 2022.

I’m afraid we can’t refund a pre-order until we reach it in the shipping queue. If you are interested into purchasing some other product from our web shop, I can arrange that a coupon is issued to you right now (the amount you funded the phone with plus a bit extra). We have Librem Mini shipping within 10-15 business days and Librem 14 laptop within several weeks.

Let me know if you have questions.

Kind regards,

I have not and I ordered in January of 2019. Did you request a cancellation and refund?

I also ordered in January 2019 and have not received such an e-mail.

Refund but their will not give me my money back only a diffenrent product

I ordered in October of 2018, and I haven’t seen a thing.

This screams of a classic Ponzi scheme ie:

They sell 100,000 phones. Chip backorders, product delays come in as they still need cashflow to support the business. They use the preorder money to fund operations.

The kicker is they still need to cover the 100,000 phones.

In chis case they can only ship 20,000 phones so always 80,000 behind. The only way to keep going is to continually have new orders to cover the orders behind never able to catch up. Inflation only accelerates the issue until the entire thing blows up.

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