How much additional effort should I put into my privacy and security?

Thinking more about other efforts you can put into privacy and security, is the Librem 5 enough, or just a step? And by step I am referring to other things that one can do. With the Librem 5 we may have better capabilities for privacy and security on a software and hardware level, but what about cellular or through the internet? Are some privacy and security features added into the Librem 5 to make browser the internet or using calls and texts better? Or would one have to get new service, a new email, better browser, and whatever else in addition to the Librem 5 if one wanted full control over their personal use on such a device? Are those extra steps necessary, or is one step at a time better than none?

This is a little bit broader than the topic of the Librem 5, but I’d like to know, I guess, what other privacy and security measures I should or could take in addition.

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I see it as a process. Take it as far as you are comfortable… then push it a little. :wink:

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It is a step, or more specifically, a stopgap until I acquire the Liberty Phone.

See also:

For cellular, there is the Hardware Encrypted COMSEC Bundle:

For Internet, Firefox ESR is the same as on the desktop, so you can configure it using Firefox profiles, user.js, pre-installed extensions, and so on.

Firefox ESR may have the default search engine set to DuckDuckGo on initial setup, but I am not entirely certain. Matrix support in Chatty was added to the Librem 5, but the hardware encryption mentioned above is a more modern implementation:

None of the above and not applicable.

I prefer the latter, but the former depends on your use case and/or threat model.

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After the L5 USA or Liberty: Awesim - to cloak your cellular service Purism– Librem AweSIM; Librem Tunnel and Mail - to cloak your ip and have private email; firefox browser (standard on L5) is fine for web; chatty (standard on L5) is fine for text; temp emails and non descript usernames for signing up with any frivolous web accounts

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“How much additional effort should I put into my privacy and security?”

A real lot!


So, would you say that I should switch to a more secure and private cellular and internet provider? I am already planning on moving to a new email away from Gmail. Would something like AweSIM or Efani be good if I want to continue to pursue more privacy and security in addition to what the Librem 5 can offer in and of itself?

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I am certain neither of those exist, but I definitely do know ISPs that defend net neutrality.

I went to Tuta(nota) after using Gmail, and eventually plan on administrating my own mail server. Here is the comparison list I compiled years ago for the former transition:

Potentially, but AweSIM is very specific in its threat model:

See also:


As for cellular provider, you won’t have a lot of choices, and your provider will of necessity know where your phone is and which numbers you’re in contact with, but an MVNO might not shop your personal data around the country as much as the main MNOs. For better security of your mobile account, get a provider that uses TOTP authentication, or at least some form of additional 2FA account security, so that it will be harder for someone to hijack your phone number and lock you out of all your other online accounts. AweSIM (or SIMple) goes a step farther by obfuscating your contact information (unless you provide your number to someone).

For internet service, you might not have much choice in providers, either, but if you always and only access the internet through a VPN service, that goes a long way toward protecting your identity. LibreWolf browser* (i.e. community-built privacy-improved Firefox) can help prevent collection of your data and behavior on the internet, and use add-on privacy extensions, of course.

A more private email provider would be Job One, in my book, especially as you’re currently using Google, possibly the world’s worst privacy abuser. Some options are Startmail, Proton Mail, Tuta, Purism’s Libre Mail, etc.

I’m not familiar with Efani.

In all cases, you should review the privacy and marketing settings in all your accounts, and adjust them accordingly. You could also consider using different email aliases for different purposes, if your provider makes them available.

Beyond that, if you want to reduce junk mail, robocalls, and other trafficking of your private data, you’ll need to opt out of marketing lists and wanton sharing of your credit information, register at (U.S.), etc.


*I don’t think LibreWolf has been packaged for the L5, however.


Not for PureOS.

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