How To Access Flash(?) Kernel?

It seems support@ email has been down for a while.
I’ve asked there, but don’t even get a note saying ‘Your email has been received…’

How, or to whom do I request the method to trash the Kernel and add it back in hopes it will fix long term issues.
I read that doing this might eliminate the issues I have with this L5.


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When I suspect email is down, I send to support with my gmail account. (Reasons for gmail op. cit. forum hitherto.)


I was being cynically facetious. I wager the refuse to answer me now.
I was hopping that I/They could try re-entering the kernel in case that is causing the issues.

However, since this L5 probably will have no Crimson, they might be ignoring existing issues in order to sell crimson put the efforts behind Crimson. It sure looks that way. Too, with some sent away with and one returns suggests to me The Writing Is On The Wall.
Well, karma may a bit*, but she is also a good friend of mine. :wink:

By Puri

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BTW past results indicate when email is down and I use gmail to contact support to tell them, they do answer. Faily quickly too. Maybe it is because I’m U.S. East Coast, and I notice the outage 3 hours earlier than most U.S. West Coast folks. (I say most, I’m sure there are early birds out there.)


They got my emails. I’ve been ghosted because they can’t, won’t or don’t want to spend the time. I asked about cost and procedure to enable them to fix the thing and put in a new battery so I have a backup.
I got the RMA but no estimated costs, not info about battery just the generic form.
I’ve also considered the kernel and asked permission to re-do the kernel. There’s just a echo after 3 pokes at the bear requesting the secret to installing the kernel again.

A train wreck.

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