How to access the microphone?

My microphone has broken, probably just a wire has come off. I opened it and it looks like it must be at the microphone end that it’s come off. I’m in Brazil and don’t want to send it away to another country just to fix this, it’ll take months to get back to me and I’ll probably have to pay $1000 in tax as well!

I took it to my local laptop repair guys, but they said they’s probably cause some ugly marks if they open the panel as its a soft aluminium front. Do you know of any guide for how to access the microphone/panel properly?

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You can see where the microphone is on the right in this picture:

Opening the laptop should be easy and just require a simple screwdriver. The laptop is made to be easily serviceable, so I don’t think those repair guys knew exactly what they were talking about. Maybe they were nervous about working on an unfamiliar laptop

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Yes opening that part is easy, that’s how we knew we needed to access the panel which I can’t see how to open easily.

Sorry, I misunderstood then. I don’t think I know which panel you are referring to then

The laptop has two main bits, the part with the keyboard and disk etc, and the opening part with the screen, microphone and camera in it. I need to access the microphone and so need to open that other part.

I see. Yes, that does sound a bit more complicated. I don’t have any experience with that, so that may be a question best left @mladen or someone.

On a different topic about ordering the Librem without a microphone at all:

So it seems that checking the mic inside the display is quite a challenge.

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