How to add PureOS Flatpak

Like most users you have the pureos app store with .deb apps and the flatpak repository installed. The new pureos repository however i believe provides a smaller storage footprint when compared to flathub flatpak default repo which is important for mobile devices:

Steps to perform to start fresh with pureos flatpak:

Remove all your old flatpak installs and repo then reinstall all the flatpak apps so first:

  1. flatpak remote-delete flathub
  2. sudo apt install pureos-flatpak-defaults
  3. flatpak remote-add PureOS --user
  4. sudo apt install pureos-store-plugin-flatpak

Now in the software store app install relevant apps deleted in step 1. using drop down:

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Why do you add it two times? Just step 2 ist enough to add the PureOS Flatpak repo. :stuck_out_tongue: