How to adjust settings in order to install ESET NOD32 AV?

I recently purchased ESET’s NOD32 Anti-Virus software to install on my laptops, one running Ubuntu 18.04 and the other running PureOS, and I cannot find any information on how to change/update PureOS in order install it. I contacted ESET as well, but I was hoping someone more familiar with PureOS could help me out. I actually asked ESET immediately after my purchase if it would run on PureOS and they said it would run on any linux-based OS. For my Ubuntu laptop, I followed the guidelines on an ESET support page, , and was able to complete to download. However, the commands do not work on PureOS. The main issue, I believe, is the installation of the following packages/files: libc6:i386, /lib/ Any and all help is appreciated.

Hi @Neobody
my 2 cents on this:

If following:

  • the general security/privacy guidelines
  • the general freedom/security/privacy guidelines for GNU/Linux specifically

you are about 90% safe of malicious… anything and you need no Antiviruses.


  • using GNU/Linux without thinking about any guidelines/rules because you believe your Antivirus is gonna “save you”

you are about 20% safe

If following:

  • the general security/privacy guidelines
  • the general freedom/security/privacy guidelines for GNU/Linux specifically
  • & if you are using a proprietary antivirus (such as the one you want to install right now)

you are about 50% safe

* the percentages serve as orientations and are highly subjective and inaccurate.

It all comes down to these 3 components:

  1. privacy
  2. security
  3. freedom

Your antivirus is lacking the last one badly (because it’s proprietary) and this adds more risks than benefits. I’d suggest watching this video to have a better understanding of how all these 3 components work together and what do they mean.

I also suggest you watch this video about antiviruses on GNU/Linux.

Where do you find these “rules and guidelines”? You learn from reputable sources, from all over the internet.

And regarding your missing packages, I think I once was looking for at least one package from your list and I was able to find a way to install it so I’m gonna share with you the ways you can search for stuff, since this will bring you further than just pointing you to the needed source.

Since PureOS is based on Debian and since Ubuntu (a popular distro with lots of resources online) is also based on Debian you can try these 3 ways of searching for solutions:

how to [install] x on Debian
how to [install] x on Ubuntu
how to [install] x on Linux

At first you won’t be able to tell what is right to install and what is not so you’ll have to type all the commands until one will work for you, this is how everyone learns, the drawback is that there is a huge chance you’ll break your computer or make it work slower (or even install really bad things like rootkits, which may be immune to complete wipe outs of hard drives). The safe solutions here are to either do all the “training” on a regular laptop/computer and then type into your main Librem computer the commands that you know what they do. The second method is to download the .iso of PureOS, and use Boxes to boot it up and do all the learning there before writing anything into your main OS. Hope this will be helpful to you.