How to build an L5 app?

I saw the 3 parts of the app tutorial on That went not too much in detail. Even though I do not have my L5 yet, I am planning to create a (very simple) app. Now comes the tricky part:
Except the idea and some more or less good Python skills I am completely blank on how to start.
Does any one of you can point me to some more detailled information on how to create an app from an (not yet) existing e.g. Python script?

And how to find some detailled information on how to read data from the accelerometer? Documentation? Etc?

Ok, ok now the idea: I am always stressed when I need a flashlight and it is too many clicks to turn it on your phone. So, why not using the accelerometers and shaking your phone. Shake it twice --> Flaslight on. That’s it. Even no UI needed.


I really think you are going to need an actual L5 in order to test this or indeed interact with the accelerometer.

It is going to be quite difficult to shake an L5 running in a VM. :slight_smile:

Do you have either the dev kit or the L5 VM?


Check out for developer info.

You probably can use Glade to create the UI graphics and create a Phyton script to operate. Both are quit standard for Gnome desktops. As far as I remember Glade (newest) is also available for L5.

he could install Conky with some awesome effects and try SUPER + Left-Mouse-hold then shake the VM window until a “flashlight” effect gets triggered … done :triumph: :sweat_smile:

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This is a question to ask on Purism’s Matrix channel at

Using Element this room doen not exist or is not accessible. Is this still valid?

Try with this link:!

Klicking link reffers to web app. I am using desktop client.
Now addes server. Searching for “!wrRnhiBGdsithqslNz” --> no result. Text search --> still no result.

Is this room still available, or is this PBKAC?

The room is still available and active.
It’s the link that Element web give in the tchat room to share it with others.
In room parameters, we can see that the room adress is not published in public directory.

Maybe you can give me your matrix ID so I could add you to the room?

thx. Personal Message is out.

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