How to buy Librem 5 from germany?

Hey there,

I want to buy that phone but seams that is not that easy as i hoped. I have no credit card, no cryptocurrencies and also nothing like PayPal. I thought direkt bank transfer would be okey, but after asked my bank for transfer they told me it costs alot of money: 25€ fees for my bank, 25€ for bank purism is using and fees for currency translation (and 19% tax). That’s a way too much just for buying this phone.

Is there any way to get this phone without those fees and without credit card etc?

No way to do? There are only few days until price goes higher and I would like to preorder it befor.

Please see this entry in our FAQ.

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I used tansferwise


Just want to say thanks alot. I did it! :slight_smile:

I just had to pay additional 4€ - that’s okey (instead of the insane amount I wrote in first post).