How to buy Librem 5 phones for a family or small biz?

What’s the best way to buy Librem 5 phones for a family or small business?

Currently, it looks like Purism supports adding any number of Librem 5 phones to the shopping Cart, but only a maximum of two AweSIM services. Why?

Some families or small businesses may prefer to use a centralized approach to managing the purchase of computer hardware and related subscripton services, to simplify operations and enhance security. It follows that one adult or employee would serve as the Admin, and select the hardware, software and subscription services, configure and optimize them for each user, and lock down all devices to the best of their ability.

Does Purism supports this kind of centralized management and control, or must an Admin setup a seperate Purism account for each user, and buy phones and other devices for each family member or emplyee through those accounts, which would create more overhead?

Also, at some point, will Purism give the customer the option to select one phone number from a list or set of ten or more displayed during or after checkout? Presently, if I recall correctly, if the AweSIM service is selected, a phone number based on preferred area code is automatically assigned. The user cannot select a phone number they like from one or more lists or sets of numbers.

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Probably best to email Purism and ask. I get the impression that they will expand AweSIM in the future, so they may take your suggestions into account. By the way, you can use AweSIM with any phone, and don’t need the Librem 5.

As for the Librem 5 (Chinese version), its production is on hold until October when Purism predicts that it will be able to get more of the i.MX 8M Quad processors. If you order the Librem 5 now, the Purism web site currently says that you will get it in Q4 2021 or Q1 2022, so be prepared to wait.

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And we were talking about how to grow the Linux ecosystem in the other thread … here it is.

Could you do it as a separate order? i.e. one account but multiple orders? That would achieve your goal of centralised procurement, and potentially work around any per-order limits.

Fair question. I assume that you are in the US given that you are even asking this question. Bear in mind that eventually the AweSIM service may be offered in other countries and in that case the rules and restrictions that apply to number selection may vary between countries. In any case, when you ask Purism about this you should mention what country you are in.