How to call and sms people?

Hello, I live in sweden, I changed tele-company at 01:00 today while I was asleep.
I never tried to use the phone functions before this change, as I didn’t have anything paid for that I could use to try with.
I have always had an orange exclamation mark on the mobile data bars though, and it’s only today that when enabling/re-enabling mobile data or roaming that it disappears.

I cannot use the phone to call or sms anyone as any attempt instantly fails to go through. Would really appreciate help getting my phone to phone. :confused:

Is there a saved APN in the Access Point Name in Mobile Settings? If not, you should manually add the APN settings that your provider recommends, then save it, then select it.

there is, it’s Telia 3G, and it’s already selected since a couple days ago when I inserted my new SIM card into it. (I’ve switched from Comviq to Fello)
Gonna try contacting Fello’s customer service to see if they want a different APN.

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Does Fello run on Telia’s network?

Their website says that they’re a part of Telia Sverige AB, so I would think so.

After unplugging and replugging the sim card, it suddenly started working. Sorry for not thinking to try this earlier! >.<