How to cd into another ssd in tilix

I’m trying to install bitcoind from the command line using a tutorial for cli noobs. I don’t want to install it onto the home ssd (500GB), i have a second ssd installed which is 1TB but i’m not sure how to cd into it in the cli. I’m not even sure how to search it.

Any help would be appreciated.

i’m using this guide from StopandDecrypt:

I could see the ssd in my file browser earlier. then i was looking at it in Disk utility, to see if i could find a path to it. then i saw a bunch of partitions on it because when i initially got the computer, today, it wasn’t booting up so i had to reinstall the OS and accidently installed it onto /dev/sda instead of /dev/sdb. so i formatted it. now, i don’t see it anywhere in the file browser, but it is still visible in the Disk utility.

I tried restarting but it still doesn’t show up in the file manager.

how do i get that ssd back into my system?

You likely just need to mount it. I would open GNOME Disks. You should be able to see it among the possible volumes. You can select it and choose to mount it from there, and then it should show up elsewhere.

thanks, i needed to name it and then it mounted.
any suggestion as to how i can navigate into it in the cli?

got it, it shows the destination in the Disk utility! then its easy to cd into it.