How to change icon size in dash and dash->Show Applications

I find the icons in the dash and those from the launch of its ‘Show Applications’ to be too large. Is there a good way to reduce the size and spacing of these?

In my searches, I have read instructions on how to change icon sizes by tampering with configuration files and using Nautilus to change the desktop’s icon size. (I marvel that those are connected.) Unfortunately, I have not seen any mention of the dash, so far. I did not see anything on the Gnome wiki that pertains to this capability.

I am reluctant to start editing the css file. I am not even certain I would be editing the correct one.

I am learning about Gnome extensions, but I do not see any obvious ones that allow me to change the icon size nor have I seen anything in Tweaks.


It appears “Dash to Dock” would take care of the dash size itself. I have not tried it, because I decided to use “Dash to Panel” anyway.

I need to use more search engines. StartPage turned up a few more hits than DuckDuckGo on this topic. I have seen a couple of suggestions to change the icon-grid parameters in gnome’s css. Looking at gnome-classic.css, the parameter layout is somewhat different than the examples I have seen, and changing the icon size and spacing had no effect for me. I am still looking for an answer for this one. (Are these icons part of what is called the AppVault?)