How to connect L5 to a monitor, will this cable work?

I don’t really see a straight answer for this… Can I just use a cable like this:

Or do I have to use a hub?

If i use a cable like the above linked, will that also charge the L5?

I dont have much extra money to spend on some expensive hub/cable. The cheaper the better, as long as it will connect with monitor and charge.


I think if you want HDMI out and charging then you need a hub.

Thanks for the reply! That sucks…all the hubs i see are like $40

Just to get monitor output with charging…gonna cost like $40 it looks like.

I’ll have to skip if thats the case

Can anyone confirm? Or, does anyone know any cheaper solutions?


I don’t think it’s a cable, judging by the size of the HDMI side, there’s electronics in there, so it might be an active adapter. Judging by the “macbook” in the description, it converts a DisplayPort signal.

Sadly, there’s nothing in the description confirming that guess.

Passive adapters won’t work with the L5, because L5 does not emit HDMI. It emits DisplayPort.

For practical reasons, I recommend getting something that allows the phone to charge at the same time. Driving a big display takes power.


Usb-c video output it is only for vesa display port, so cables with usb-c to HDMI it work because it using DP to HDMI, so it work with L5, but this types of cables it is just to see ONE video to monitor because energy hungry, so this cable can not be for convergency, it is just to see a movie time.

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I’ve checked USB-C cable to Display Port and it worked with my NEC monitor. But, as @dcz mentioned above, phone was discharging more rapidly than without connected monitor. Also, as there was no USB input (i.e. no mouse), I could not steer applications on monitor. If monitor provided USB hub, it might be different - but I don’t think it is possible using DisplayPort. So, while simple cable might work, it does not seem to be usable solution without dock.


You can use Mouse and Keyboard by BT.


Unless the monitor is a touchscreen. :wink:

Except for that the monitor can’t support touchscreen if only a DisplayPort or HDMI cable is connected. Those portable touchscreen monitors available online that supports DisplayPort or HDMI also needs a USB cable connected for touch to work.

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Yes. I meant that the monitor has a USB-C input, and the monitor does not have an internal USB hub, but with a touchscreen you can still get a display and a mouse for your Librem 5, without a dock. Sure it’s a niche configuration - and you would need a Bluetooth keyboard for the full dock experience without a dock.