How to connect librem 5 usa with my monitor, keyboard and mouse?

As and when the Librem 5 connected as host, over its USB-C port, to the compliant docking station we need to provide to it up to 15W (5V/3A). If and when negotiated less than 2.5W (as within docking station built-in pass-through charging controller just do not like to “talk” properly with your carefully chosen “most expensive” PD3.0 power supply with up to the 100W per USB-PD port).

Each USB-PD port, as shown below, might be usable … (but let us focus, please, on what needs to be ensured, for this topic purpose):

I just bought one.

I only found these on banggoods

Where they are out of stock.
Can i get them somewhere else?

Wouldn’t be this one sold by purism the best choice?
or am i missing something?

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I would assume so. I had no idea they sold a hub.

Edit: don’t see any display out, though.

It has hdmi. You probably missed that.

Ah so I did, I thought that was another USB in the picture.

I’d just buy that one then.

I beleive that this is the very direct store from AENZR:

Please test it with this old school 5V/3A PD complaint power supply: (one of my favorites). As yesterday introduced here: USB-DCP-5V-1.5A protocol and Librem 5.

EDIT: Both linked Artwizz 5V/3.0A boot up Librem 5, when its provided battery not inserted (without any additional firmware upgrade). Meaning without:

And as kindly, closely and directly related:

The limitation to 5V only can be disabled, but using higher voltages can cause issues due to possibility of shorting CC lines to Vbus. CC lines can take 5V, but not much more. We have a protection chip that should in theory mitigate that risk, but it turned out that with the TI USB-C controller we’re using there’s still a small risk of burning CC lines even despite of the protection chip being in place, so we decided to limit the input voltage to 5V to get rid of that risk altogether.


Please tell us if you see 9636|ALGOLTEK, INC.

Nothing like this in lsusb output, if that is a question.

The docking station reports as DP1 on my laptop.

On Librem 5 /sys/class/typec/port0-partner/type reports ama Alternate Mode Adapter.

When I connect monitor dmesg reports

[drm] Connector status: 1
cdns-mhdp-imx 32c00000.hdmi: 0,ff,ff,ff,ff,ff,ff,0
imx-dcss 32e00000.display-controller: [drm] fb1: imx-dcssdrmfb frame buffer device
[drm] HDMI/DP Cable Plug In
[drm] Mode: 1600x1200p162000
cdns-mhdp-imx 32c00000.hdmi: [drm:cdns_mhdp_set_host_cap [cdns_mhdp_drmcore]] Using 2 lanes
cdns-mhdp-imx 32c00000.hdmi: [drm:cdns_mhdp_train_link [cdns_mhdp_drmcore]] Starting link training
[drm] Mode: 1600x1200p162000
[drm] hpd irq
cdns-mhdp-imx 32c00000.hdmi: [drm:cdns_mhdp_set_host_cap [cdns_mhdp_drmcore]] Using 2 lanes
cdns-mhdp-imx 32c00000.hdmi: [drm:cdns_mhdp_train_link [cdns_mhdp_drmcore]] Starting link training
[drm] Connector status: 1
[drm] HDMI/DP Cable Plug In

I am not sure how to check details of the selected alternate mode.

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As long as your docking station works fine (including its monitor chip/output) nobody cares for real :wink:. Besides 9636 as manufacturer number is still not included within current (therefore no related lsusb output, and I didn’t check this earlier):

apt list usb.ids
Listing... Done
usb.ids/now 2022.05.20-0+deb11u1 all [installed]
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I’m slowly getting frustrated.
My new 5v 2a power supply also didn’t work with the hub:

My newly ordered usb c extension also doesn’t work:

It actually works for charging and also keyboard & mouse but no video signal at the vga output of my docking station. without using the extension video works. That sucks because the description states it does transmit video.

I will now buy another docking station.
Does somebody know a confirmed working usb c extension cable that works for all three things (and at the same time): charging, data and video?

Did you look into the one Purism is selling?

Well option 1 is buying that and option 2 is the aenzr. Not 100% sure yet.

Even more desperate trying to find a working usb c extension cable that can transmit power, data and video at the same time. If you guys know one please let me know.

I’d email support about the dock. They should know everything.

Instead of an extension, why not just buy a longer cable?

This was precisely my problem. I had a 250€ Lenovo docking station from my work. Charging, keyboard and mouse worked, but video didn’t. Companies apparently know that the majority of people are going to use the devices with Windows and don’t care about proper Linux support. They have tested it with Lenovo notebooks on Windows and released it on the market.

No video works with the docking station. But if i put my extension cable between the phone and docking station, video does not work despite the cable description says it should work:

Someone knows a working extension cable for power, data and video and all at the same time?

Today i recieved my docking station from purism and EVERYTHING (charging, ethernet, keyboard, mouse & monitor) works!

I use it in conjunction with this hdmi to vga adapter and power supply:

BUT i also bought this usb c extension cable (the third one)
When i connect it between the phone and the hub however the video/screen signal does not get transmitted to my monitor.
(Despite the monitor being recognized in the librem 5 settings)
Without using the extension it works great, though.

I already tried these three and non of them actually works:

Thank you very much for this recommendation.
But is 0.8m the longest possible? I would rather have something like 2m if possible.

Would this one also work?

Could get that way faster than ordering from china.

Yes, YIWENTEC #1000180 should work as advised from its manufacturer. But I’m tired now to proof anything, especially related to the similar USB4 extension cable video transmission, so please wait until tomorrow (need to proof very same thing for myself as well, with some problematic docking … actually two of them).

Just to make sure before testing: you are about to extend USB-C male connector (from some docking station) toward the host (connecting the host) and this host name is Librem 5? Oh, yes, I already have your answer:

Yes that’s correct.
0.8m is the max. possible extension length? It’s not possible to extend for 2m or even more?
If so i will order exactly this:

Why don’t you just buy a longer cable?

If you can tell me one that’s guaranteed working i do that. I already tried 3 cables and none of them worked. (See my second last post)