How to create the git commit history video shown in the Oxidizing Squeekboard News (Nov 20, 2019)?

I have just watched the video in the great Oxidizing Squeekboard News and would like to create such a video myself.

How was it created?

Oh, I thought it was someone playing Solar 2 :stars: But take a look at gource

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Thanks a lot !!!

BTW: Is it possible to convert a recorded Solar 2 game play into a git repo? :wink:

a proof of concept in introductory Aztec …

I think if I convert my Solar2 recording I’d get either microsoft windows 95 OSR 2 or glibc

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It was gource indeed. I played Solar2 but my save games don’t compile :frowning: Where do I file bugs?

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I recommend to write a mail with detailed complain directly to Jay Watts, I’m sure he will be grateful to find out his free of charge product has defect and misbehaves under certain circumstances. It certainly won’t hurt to add some emotional stances to highlight the importance of the said issue to you personally and potential importance for the whole community.
Edit: It seems not even free anymore! So definitely need to add anger for urgency and scorn for impact!111