How to create Tor browser shortcuts/links to specific URLs

I have a from my perspective simple problem.
It is not really PureOS specific (I would say this should work equal on all Debian based distros with Gnome desktop). I did some research but I was not able to find out how to manage some local browser shortcuts.
–> A file which opens Tor (or your default browser) and opens an URL directly.

Why is this necessary?:
If someone has better idea feel free to share it! I learned that the Tor Browser should be used like it is and it should not be modified (do not maximize it, do not add any addons, etc.) as this might allow to identify you because of specific settings. So I assume this would be the same with bookmarks.
So my idea was to handle them locally as files/links/shortcuts on my machine.

E.g. on an Android phone you can navigate to a website using Orfox and tip+hold the bar with the URL and choose “Add to Home Screen”. Than you have a shortcut on your home screen which directly opens Orfox and the URL in this link.

All I want is the same under PureOS.

I already tried to prepare a .desktop file which should do this but up to now I was not successful. :-/

What I tried …
A desktop file:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Purism Forum

and the default xdg browser can be change with:

xdg-settings set default-web-browser Tor_Browser.desktop

While the Tor_Browser.desktop file is the one which I normally use to start Tor.
Eventually the start command of Tor in this desktop file has to be modified to make this working (to let it accept a URL and open it).
Currently it is:

Exec=sh -c '"<path to_tor_browser_bundle>/Browser/start-tor-browser" --detach || ([ !  -x "<path to_tor_browser_bundle>/Browser/start-tor-browser" ] && "$(dirname "$*")"/Browser/start-tor-browser --detach)' dummy %k
X-TorBrowser-ExecShell=./Browser/start-tor-browser --detach

Eventually it is also possible to solve this with a .desktop file of “Type=Link”.

Or one might have a complete different solution or hint for me!?

Thanks in advance.

Bookmarks don’t work like this. You are suggesting that an attacker could identify your traffic on the TOR network because of the bookmarks you have on your browser. This simply isn’t possible.

Because bookmarks are stored locally. That information isn’t sent over the network when you visit sites. They don’t function like cookies. A bookmark is nothing but a link saved on your computer, by your browser application. Essentially it is exactly what you are trying to create, a way to open a saved link that is only stored on your file system. Just because a browser manages something, doesn’t mean every website you visit can see it. A browser is an application on your computer like any other. The only thing an attacker might be able to see is what it sends over the network.

You don’t need to do this. Bookmarks are safe.

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