How to delete APN settings?

Trying to edit Access Point Network profile doesn’t let you delete the APN settings only modify its content.

I have almost 15 APN Settings I want to delete whithout success.

Hi !

I have the same issue. Hundreds of times the same entry …
You can delete/edit/mange all entries here:



I did
sudo rm etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/*

and after reboot all this profiles disappeared :+1:

I couldnt answer before from the laptop (easier to write), It seems by mistake blocked my laptop access to the forum after the Ddos attack

I would recommend against doing that. That will wipe out all connections. All connections does indeed pick up all the mobile network connections (APN details etc.) but it will also pick up local network connections (such as WiFi or in my case ethernet too) and potentially other connections.

So I would suggest at least using rm -i to review each deletion, or find another way to be selective about the deletion.

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