How to eject USB drive from Librem 5 with a GUI?

When I plug-in an USB drive into my Librem 5 I can see a notification which offers me to open mount in the file manager I have installed (nemo AFAIK).

But I cannot find any visual (= GUI) possibility in the apps installed by default to eject the drive.

If I click in the nemo file manager on the eject symbol is does nothing (but sometimes lock the app - nemo does no longer respond).

How can I eject the USB drive easily without using the console/terminal?

PS: See also Safely removing USB drive from L5

When I insert my USB drive (brand PATRIOT), it appears in the menu under Devices:

Selecting the PATRIOT drive and then Safely Remove Drive from the File menu results in error, but selecting Eject appears to work. PATRIOT doesn’t disappear from menu, but using Terminal I confirmed that it was no longer mounted.

I’m not sure if it’s just my drive that’s misbehaving, or if there’s a bug in the process somewhere.


THX for the screen shots, very helpful :slight_smile:

In my case (with an old Transcend 1 GB USB drive and vfat file system) I do see only an eject
menu item (not an safely remove drive as in your case - I have no idea why it is missing - I have nemo v3.8.5).

And: Eject does work (checked with mount in the terminal).

Note: The Portfolio file manager does not offer any way to “eject” an USB drive so I prefer nemo.

PS: This solution is also a candidate for the wiki (I have requested edit rights today to update the wiki).