How To Enable Snap And Install Snap Packages on byzantium?

Everytime i type: “sudo apt install snapd” i get:

Package ‘snapd’ has no installation candidate

i can’t figure it out how to fix this.

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sudo apt install snap

How about executing: sudo apt update? Next one would be: sudo apt list snapd -a.

it says: “Unable to locate package snap”

after “: sudo apt update” its says: “All packages are up to date.”
Then after “sudo apt list snapd -a” it says: “Listing… Done”

Are you sure you’ve got the right repos in your /etc/apt/sources_list ??? It looks like byzantium should have snapd in main ( ).

Edit: Is it possible you disabled snapd installs? Type “apt-cache policy” and see if you’ve restricted the install of snapd. Or look for files in /etc/apt/preferences.d that might have pinned snapd.

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Your “Software & Updates” app should download from Other software should include …/byzantium-security main and …/byzantium-updates main

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apt-cache policy says:

Package files:
100 /var/lib/dpkg/status
release a=now
Pinned packages:

For the record, i am still new with linux, Maybe it’s not wise to choose for pureos as first linux distribution, but okay.
you mean this?

Yes. Rather than “main server” try and under Other Software, see if main and main are listed as sources.
If these don’t help, you can switch back to what you have now.

As for PureOS use, PureOS is close to Debian, which is an advantage over switching to something like Manjaro (my second favorite distro), because Debian is so popular and you can install .deb packages in PureOS. You can stick with PureOS and follow most of the Debian advice you find on the InterTubes, so long as the information you find is less than twenty years old and there seems to be a consensus on the solution. And continue to ask questions here.

i am not sure how to follow your advice.
if i select “other” instead of “main server”,nothing happens.
i need to copy/paste your 3 links in tab “other software”?
If so, i can do this but i can’t click on “add source”

also your second and third links saying: “404 Not Found”

Try “deb main” for the apt command line. Then add
deb main
deb main

If you can get all three of those in Other Software, you should be able to find snap.

My installation came from Purism. If you installed PureOS yourself, perhaps there are no repositories listed at all (except “main server” whatever that means).

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big help. thanks for your time.