How to enter Ctrl-Shift-C with squeekboard?

Is it possible to enter the Ctrl-Shift-C key combination with the Librem 5 on-screen keyboard?

I would like to enter this key combination to close the current conversation in Signal.

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@dcz ?

It’s not possible. Squeekboard is for text input, not for actions that should have their own UI. It seems like a bug in Signal that there’s no discoverable UI to close the conversation.

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Forgive my old programmer’s habit, but isn’t it just a control-C without the shift?

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On my L5, it is possible to enter this key combination. Whether it does anything is another story. :man_shrugging:

That’s sigint, which will kill the process. Sounds like overkill in this situation.

For me I cannot type the names of my friends if they begin with the letter C, because the capital C always registers as a backspace for some reason.

Based on my experience, I think the problem is bigger than closing conversations? Even shift + C without pressing ctrl does not enter the correct character.

This works normally on my L5. Does it misbehave for you only in specific apps, or all the time?


Now I’m curious if a control-G will invoke a bell tone file.

Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!

Yes, the problem is that several applications ignore the provided keymap and assume that capitals are on a different layer than lowercase.

Squeekboard doesn’t use shift anywhere, it puts all characters in one layer.

The even bigger problem is that applications don’t use text input protocols but instead expect text to be indirectly provided by a keyboard. Which is not Squeekboard’s core competence (background reading).


Very interesting read! Good insight into Squeekboard design that I would never have thought about. What would be the best way to approach this? File a bug in Signal Desktop?

Yes. IMO, closing something should be a button in Signal, not a button in Squeekboard. Signal knows all the context and purpose to give it the best presentation, an on-screen keyboard can only emulate a key press without knowing its purpose.

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I have come across the same bug in Signal, but only on the standard English keyboard. If i switch to the terminal keyboard layout the Shift + C is able to make the capital

I did not read the linked background article, yet, but I experienced weird behavior with squeekboard on my PP. Then I realized that often when I use my right hand to press a button on the left side of sqeekboard my right hand’s skin wraps along the right side of the phone and finally touching buttons on squeekboards right side, e.g. backspace or cursor buttons. It drove me crazy until I noticed this. The solution for me was to put the phone into it’s hardcover so that the skin has to go a longer distance until reaching the display.

I missed it for copying marked content in the terminal as well as --v to paste something…

Copy/paste in terminal would normally be ctrl + INS and ctrl + shift + INS, right? I guess maybe other terminals use ctrl + c and ctrl + v

By “terminal” I meant the default terminal program on the Librem5 - “kgx” (which is to be renamed to “terminal” if I remember right).

I found how to copy and paste in kgx using sqheekboard: in terminal mode of squeekboard there is the MENU-key which does the trick.