How to erase files and folders

“Files” enables me to create a folder, but I can’t find a way to erase it.

The only way I found to erase files is to use “Usage”.

So my questions are:

  • is there a way to erase folders?
  • is there a more convenient way to erase a file (ie through “File” or a similar app)?

You can mark it and then use the “del” Button on the Terminal keyboard. You would have to switch the tap/double tap on files/folders behaviour in Files App though. :slight_smile:

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This is just one of the reasons I prefer nemo Files over nautilus Files: menu bar, and detailed options/actions that can actually be selected.

(nautilus context menu still has that bug that makes it disappear when releasing.)

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Thanks @epinez!

For anyone who may have the same problem, here is the step by step solution:

  1. open “Files”;
  2. tap the three stripes icon, at the top right corner, then go in “Preferences”;
  3. set “Action to Open Items” on “Double click”, then go back ("<" icon, at the top left corner);
  4. select the file or the folder you want to delete by tapping on it;
  5. call the keyboard (icon at the very low right corner);
  6. tap the world icon on your keyboard, and select “Terminal”;
  7. tap “>_” on your keyboard;
  8. tap “Del”;
  9. the file or folder is deleted and placed in the trash of your phone.

How about just: rm filename from the terminal?

Of course, the console rocks, but Portfolio rules all over Files.