How To Escape the Text Boxes?

Looking at the desktop w/ L5 Gui, at the top just below the time is a most annoying text box people may use to search(?).

Annoying because the delete back doesn’t; not up, down or forward. There’s no clear way of getting out of the search box. The Back X in the box (r/h) and even a restart (not reboot) gets it out.

At morning when I pick up the phone, it’s dead no response.
I learned how to open the back and remove the battery, wait, replace and cursor has been freed from the ugly giant. E v e r y morning. Now, I’d like to know how I may get rid of the search box or if it must be in the way, then how to get cursor out of the search box.

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It sounds like you are referring to the “Search apps…” box when the app drawer is up. As for the cursor being stuck in the text box, its unclear to me in what way is it interfering with your use.

When it is right under the clock there are no apps open, so there is nothing else to really interact with.

Can you explain a little more?


There are probably other/better ways “out” of the Search box but try this.

  1. Click the Globe icon in the bottom left of the Keyboard and select “Terminal” to switch to the Terminal layout.
  2. Click the >_ button to the right of the Spacebar to get to the extra keys page.
  3. Click Escape.

Basically, I think if you can get it to “Escape” it should get you out of the Search box.


Yes. It’s the ‘search apps’ at/near top of
Get to the the ‘Home’ screen (or whatever)
Swipe. If you get it as often as I do, you’ll see the cursor start blinking in the search apps text box.
Try to get out of that text box.

Using device directly (sans remote keyboard…) I can’t get it out of the box and need to restart. I can’t tap/click or bit$%-slap anything.

This usually happens right after I remove and replace the battery so I can boot up the device.
When it is connected to hub, I can click out of the box and dump the on-screen keyboard.

I just hoped there was a easier as-the-crow-flies solution.

I am on way to flashing the device.

That can be debated. :grin:

My bad! I should have also mentioned that hogging the main/home screen is the keyboard. Right now it’s using a Hoyoki hub keyboard and no digital on-screen keyboard. Of course not. So this can only happen while the device is not hooked to hub.

I can confirm this behaviour.
That ‘find apps’ box is a pain in the …
A while ago in another thread, I also mentioned this ‘feature’ and also would like to get rid of that search box completely.
To me its a waist of space and very frustrating when accidently using it you get trapped inside.
The mentioned method of using the ‘esc’ key from the terminal keyboard does not work either. So far I manage to get out of that box is starting up some app and next close that app again.


I accidentally found a quick solution while reading this thread.

Use the Terminal layout, then tap the search bar. Then press the Down key to exit it.


When it’s like the image, I cannot get to the other files in the home screen.
Cannot go anywhere. I’ve never had to search the main page.

I’ve also discovered that any attempt to swipe while cursor (not me) is in search box will add letters into the search box. Tapping ‘Delete Back’ is non-responsive so whatever chars are in the box, stay there.

My alternative is the Cursors (me) approach to CTRL-ALT-DEL ➔ hold power button in until it shuts down (Cold Boot).

Same happens whether docked or not, except docked, I can use mouse to click outside of search box.

Perhaps, this too should wait until the Flash is done.


Thanks. I’ve been simply launching one of the apps from the home screen whenever I couldn’t dismiss the keyboard. (Inability to dismiss the keyboard is the actual issue here, not the search box. I consider it a bug.) @guido.gunther

Tab key works, too, although it requires an additional click to get to the Tab key.
Esc sort of works, but you end up with a blank background, albeit with the keyboard button restored to the bottom of the screen.


So the picture does confirm that when all apps are closed that is the view you see. And from what you’re saying is that the issue is you cannot select anything when the cursor is in the search box.

I cannot replicate the issue. My keyboard does stay active and cannot be hidden once it is in the search box, but I am able to swipe up and down to look through apps. I am also able to tap to select and open apps as well.

Maybe there is a hardware issue where the screen has a “ghost” touch. That’s where it senses a touch on the screen even though someone is not touching it at all. That would make it difficult or even impossible to type, select, or do a lot of things on touchscreen.

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(I occasionally have the problem that @Sharon reports.)

“Esc” doesn’t work for me. The whole main screen goes away (just the purple hexagons left!). But swiping up causes the main screen to come back. But then I’m back where I started, with the keyboard wanting me to search for something.

The only thing that works for me is, as @FranklyFlawless says, up or down arrow.

The sensible “escape” might be to press Enter with nothing typed in.

Each user should be free to choose whether to have it. I would keep it but I respect your choice not to.

I believe that the purpose of it is to find apps when you have a large number of apps installed i.e. far more than you can fit on the screen, and more than will be convenient to find by scrolling the main screen down.

It may also help when the user does not recognise what is the correct app to do what the user wants (since the search is a full text search over more than just the name of the app) e.g. type ‘stopwatch’ and it will bring up the Clocks app.


I fully agree with you, that’s why I wrote the words “To me…”.
That search box should be an optional item, not a mandatory one.

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With phosh-osk-stub: Long press space and swipe up. Will get a proper gesture with Draft: Use drag-surface (!27) · Merge requests · Guido Günther / phosh-osk-stub · GitLab


Yes, 56789

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More like a haunting party of ghost touches. But that’s a different story.
Maybe it’s due to the "Low disk space on “boot” I have to figure out. Already read other people’s issue with that. It also says Volume has “0” bytes remaining. Yeah. Zero is pretty low alright. :slight_smile:

Thanks Sarcasmo220

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