How to file bugs or feature requests?

how do i check for known bugs?
how to file a new bug?

how to know on which features purism is working on?
how to suggest new features?

how to know what was included in previous os update.
how to know what bug fixes and new features come with next update?

The Purism repositories are at

You can find existing repositories and bugs/feature requests without an account. In order to file new bugs or comment, you will need an account and that requires manual intervention by a moderator due to earlier spam problems on that site.

Knowing what is included in an update depends on the level you are interested in. If you use the PureOS store for your updates, tapping on the listed update will show some information about included updates. You could instead use something like "apt changelog " to see change logs. Those are both pretty dependent on the developer including the changes, I think. If you find the repository for the package in which you are interested, you might be able to find the commits included in the release but I’ve sometimes found associating a package version in a package manager with a commit/branch/tag in a repository to be… hit-or-miss.

There is also a staging area for packages in PureOS that you can monitor, but I can’t remember how to get to that right now.

clicking on os updates:

purism@pureos:~$ sudo apt changelog
E: No packages found

what fixes/features are in 6.2.13?

what about a web-page showing what was done and what comes next?
kind of release calendar?

a nice chronological overview?

Not sure what that invocation was supposed to achieve. apt changelog linux-image-6.2.0-1-librem5 works fine. All packages contain changelog entries, and they’re being managed in git repositories with their own commit histories. Everything’s out there in the open, you can even build any kind of “nice chronological overview” you wish for by yourself.



purism@pureos:~$ sudo apt changelog linux-image-6.2.0-1-librem5
[sudo] password for purism:
E: Failed to fetch changelog:/linux-librem5.changelog Changelog unavailable for linux-librem5=6.2.13pureos2

as an example what i mean look at TrueNAS:

i dont want to gather such info on my own.
i want similar from you!

including bugs & new features!
a history and future!

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Add deb-src byzantium main to your sources.list

How to do gymnastics in the console was not my concern!
a simple list like displayed in above link “13.0 Release Notes” i want to see from Purism!

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Sometimes you can see in PureOS Store a description of the updates. But more often there is no change description.

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