How to get rid of these warnings at boot?

My thought was if its trying to verify it’s connected to the internet by connecting to some site, there might be some DNS shenanigans going on. However, I admit that I don’t know if it’s verifying connection to the internet or just to the network. If it’s the latter than I don’t believe my suggestion to be relevant.

I don’t really have an issue with the networking taking 7 seconds (this may be another forum post :wink: )
My issue is, that it takes a relatively long time BEFORE networking starts.
Thanks anyways for your suggestions :slight_smile:

The following got rid of “Gave up waiting for suspend/resume device” at boot for me, and speeds up the boot time considerably:

# echo "RESUME=none" > /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume
# update-initramfs -u

Note that this disables resume from hibernation from swap. I do not use this functionality myself (I don’t even know if it can work with random-encrypted swap) but YMMV.

Good point.
I made some investigation for hibernation in this thread:

Now I use Byzantium, there are so frequent package updates that it’s no longer worth it to me.

That was it! Now it’s way faster, but having the possibility to hibernate would be cool as well.
But I’m fine with it as it is.

I also confirm that the above fix works. From pressing Enter after entering the disk decryption password to login screen it was about 45 seconds. With the above fix it now is 13 seconds.

So it takes about 32 seconds to wait for the resume device. Maybe PureOs devs would want to look into this.

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