Hibernation / Hibernate on Librem


Trying to change my librems behaviour from suspend (draining the battery within one day) to hibernate as i want to preserve my current state of work without having to reopen everything (i’m used to work with hibernation from my old laptop).


  • the system menu (right upper corner, icon screwdriver + spanner)
  • energy
  • suspend & power button
  • when pressing power button: hibernate


  • i only get logged out
  • no hibernation, no nothing

Having followed the only thread close to this topic that didn’t come up with a solution, i wonder, as i think, i can’t be the only one with those problems.

Swap: 17.14GB (should be enough?)

Can anybody point me towards how to get my laptop to use hibernation? Thanks in advance


I don’t have a solution to this issue unfortunately, but I’m wondering how you selected hibernate from the “when the power button is pressed” option in power settings? Mine only has three available options here - “Suspend” “Power Off” and “Nothing.”


What version are you running? I have 15v3 and I have hibernate as an option…


Mine is 13 v3, PureOS updated via a) sudo apt update && sudo apt-get upgrade + b) via software - updates. I’ve got 4 options - your’s + hibernate.


Following this and that one can assume, i don’t have enough swap-space (16GB RAM - 20GB Swap).

sudo pm-hibernate had the screen go blank and return to previous state (as when i started).


Librem 13v3 PureOS also fully updated via sudo apt update & sudo apt full-upgrade. Only have the three options listed above, no hibernate.


Furthermore followed this guide successfully until GParted stumbled on resize with something like "a partition with used sectors xxx greater than its length xxx+2.

So no further progress.


I am the author of the thread you linked to in your initial post. I have been trying to make some progress on this for some time. Recently my computer state was corrupted after my laptop (15v3) ran out of juice. As a result I had to reinstall PureOS. I was not able to install it on an encrypted partition as per the instructions on the PureOS wiki page. I managed instead to set up a normal installation (unencrypted partition) and the default setup creates a swap partition which my previous installation (factory shipped) did not have.

I now confirm that I can hibernate my laptop using the poweroff button which you can setup in your power settings. However, I am still unable to get the critical battery issue sorted out.


For me - the issue is a month old, but my problems not sorted out - it looked like the main-problem were

a) Swap-Partition not big enough
b) disk-encryption (which also stopped me from resizing via GParted)

@mladen It might be an idea to consider increasing the default (OEM) swap-partition to a decent size that general hibernation & hibernation on emergency shutdown due to low battery are working by default (using a premium-priced laptop, one can assume, that such a common feature should be working out of the box).

Enhancements Librem Laptops by experience

Please create an issue here: https://tracker.pureos.net



done: https://tracker.pureos.net/T535


my original factory-install did not come with a swap partition…yours has one???


yes. seemed so. …