How to go about installing 32 bit dependencies for PureOS


Just recently received my librem15 and have been pleased so far. I’ve been using Linux for a few years now but am far from an expert aside from some basic command-line knowledge. Recently I have been trying to install a program that requires several 32-bit libraries to be installed:


Since these don’t seem to be in the purism repos what is the recommended way of obtaining and installing them. Sorry in advance for my ignorance but in the past it has always been a simple “apt-get install” with Ubuntu to install these libraries and I never had to delve deeper. I’m not exactly sure how I would get them from a Debian source while ensuring that everything is compatible.


I did not double-check, but I think the situation is:

  • ia32-libs has been deprecated/removed years ago from Debian (7? 8?)
  • I think, PureOS does not provide i386 libs (not much need)
    So you would have to use old Debian libs. On

It’s also very likely that the PureOS default kernel does not support 32bit binaries.

I would suggest a VM. Either as a solution, or as a test bed, just so you don’t butcher your system :wink: