How to install anbox?

I need more details in order to be able to answer. How did you proceed to build the libglibutil packages?

I did nothing but following these instructions

As i said i’m not an linux expert.

Then look into the parent directory.

And for what should i be looking?

.deb files.

The instructions provided by @pini work, but since it’s using software rendering everything is incredibly slow and some system components are unstable.

Through the past week I have worked on getting Waydroid to work without having to switch to software rendering:

At this point, I don’t recommend messing with Waydroid if already provided instructions are not enough for you to grasp everything. I’m hopeful that this will change soon though!


I’m sorry for the late reply.
I attached some screenshots. I can’t find any .deb files.

here is the terminal log:

I would love to wait but at this point librem 5 is of very limited use for me if i can’t run android apps.

dpkg-source: Fehler: unmöglich, mit Quellformat »3.0 (quilt)« zu bauen: unter ../libglibutil_1.0.66.orig.tar.{bz2,gz,lzma,xz} wurde kein Tarball der Originalautoren gefunden
dpkg-buildpackage: Fehler: Unterprozess dpkg-source -b . lieferte Exitstatus 25
debuild: fatal error at line 1182:
dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc -ui failed

As stated by these lines, the build failed.

Yeah but why and what do i do now?

I can’t help you further if you’re not familiar with building packages.

Great, that renders the librem 5 useless for me at this point.

What do you consider soon?
I know that’s not your fault but i’m sitting on a 2 grand phone that is useless for me without the ability to run android apps.


Because i can’t use my credit card for online purchases then and i can’t communicate with people that insist on using whatsapp.

I don’t know all the specifics of the app you need, but does this PureOS app provide a similar function?

No it has nothing to do with id.
What this app does is if i purchase something with my credit card online i need to confirm in the app that i really want to authorize this payment. Basically 2 factor authentification.

It’s a stupid european law that does not exist in the united states.

Ah, OK. Sorry.

Don’t rely on Android apps working on the Librem 5. It’s not something that’s promised to work reliably, it may work for some use cases but won’t work for others; you may also find your data from inside the container unavailable after updates, forcing you to delete it and start over. Granted, I’m fairly impressed with how well Waydroid starts to work already, but a week ago it did not work at all (not counting software rendering, which I personally found unusable), so the fact that a working solution is actually on the horizon at this moment is pretty much just luck.

I have no idea how long will it take for things to flow upstream, it depends on upstream projects. At this moment I’m not going to provide any user support other than the instructions I’ve already written - and everything one needs to replicate my setup is already there. I’m really sorry for this gatekeeping, but it’s just too brittle right now - you could easily trigger problems with your system that on surface will appear unrelated to Waydroid if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing at each step.


This does not really solve your problem completely, but I guess currently the best practice would be for you to have a second phone at home running WhatsApp and Bank Apps and check it twice a day when you are at home.
This is not a great solution, but it has some advantages in regard of avoiding distraction during the day and staying on focus for deep work (ref. Cal Newport).
And is someone really needs to reach you faster, they can call you or finally install a more data respecting / secure application. Giving people some motivation to move away from WhatsApp is not a bad thing. Especially for a person living in Germany:

AG Bad Hersfeld: Kontaktdaten dürfen nur mit Einwilligung an WhatsApp weitergegeben werden (

By the way this also makes it possible for you to have different contact lists on the 2 phones and to only have the WhatsApp users as contacts on the second phone at home.

Not convinient I know, but this is an option.

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I would love to get rid of the s-id check app and whats app altogether.
Unfortunately i can’t do that right now because it would put me at a disadvantage when trying to pay or get/keep in touch with people online.

I try to avoid whats app whenever possible anyway.
But sometimes you have to use it or you’re missing out on something…

The reason i bought the librem 5 is i want to get rid of my iphone.
I do not want having to deal with a second phone.

Looks like i have to hang on to the ibug a little longer.

@Michael24 regarding the WhatApp Issue you could use matrix with their bridges either self hosted or with their service so you can leave the iphone at home and only log in I think once a month or something like that.
I could not find a hardware stick based alternatives to the s-id app but for the Postbank in Germany there are alternatives to their app, so I expect there to be something similar for the Sparkasse as well.

I wonder how Purism’s staff in Germany deal with this situation.
@joao.azevedo, @guido.gunther, others ?

Personally, I am a weird person.

When I opened my bank account I did a 30 KM train trip to the closest branch of the bank where I wanted to open an account on, so I would not need to use an Android/iOS app to have a video conference with the bank employee’s to authenticate my ID when opening the account.

For 2FA for online transactions I use ChipTAN, as my bank allows that: