How to install Element?

Does anyone know if it’s possible to install Element on the Librem 5?
I tired, and even did all that fancy code entering that’s on element’s website (I think adding a repository or something), and I still couldn’t install it.

Any ideas?

You can use chatty for matrix, if that’s what you want.


You could potentially make a webapp out of there official website using the Web Gnome app maker.

Not sure how effective it is considering the calls and facetime features though

I use Nheko for Matrix chat on my Librem 5. The UI is (mostly) well-adapted to the small screen.


Have you tried to make voip calls with nheko? I set up my own Matrix server. I can make calls with element but nheko crashes.

I installed element. Went to their website, followed the Debian/Ubuntu instructions. seemed to work

this has me puzzled…there has never been a arm64 version of element as far as I knew, and I check… a sure enough… the arm64 was there and I never heard they released it… WOO HOO!!