How to install heads on librem mini?

I just got my librem mini in the mail. I ordered without ram or hd. I installed my nvme drive and some ram, and ran the script. but I still seem to have seabios at boot. I also checked out the purism-heads branch but dont see librem-mini in the configs dir.

How do I go about installing heads on my mini?

Wouldn’t that be expected behavior?

I don’t know what you intended. Did you want to install Pureboot?

thats my goal to have pureboot(heads) installed.

the script has a link to a rom for it, but the way the script is written its impossible for it to be chosen.

Support for flashing PureBoot on the Mini via the coreboot utility script will be added with the beta-13 release, which should be out in the next day or so. The reason it’s not available now is that the initial Mini Pureboot build was done from a different codebase and it took me a bit more work than anticipated to merge them. Also, lots of fixes and improvements in the update for all Librems. Stay tuned!


thanks. I look forward to it.

it’s live :slight_smile:


worked great. thanks.

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