How to install tdlib purple

I would like to install tdlib-purple for telegram support in Chatty.
I preferably would like to add repo and keep it updated with system.

Instructions included on github mention adding key with apt-key add, However apt-key is deprecated, So I would like to know what are alternative.

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apt-key is still supported in Debian 11 and its derivatives like PureOS, but it won’t be supported in the next version of Debian.

You can use something like this command, if the key is ASCII-armored:
wget -O- <> | gpg --dearmor | sudo tee /usr/share/keyrings/<myrepository>-archive-keyring.gpg

Then add something like this to your /etc/apt/sources.list file:
deb [signed-by=/usr/share/keyrings/<myrepository>-archive-keyring.gpg] < stable main>

For more info, see:

Personally, I think that the new method is a cumbersome, so I am still using the apt-key method, because I don’t think the security risk is that great. I hope that they figure out something easier to use by the time of Debian 12.


Last time I checked out tdlib-purple bad things happened:

Thanks I wasn’t aware apt-key still works.
Now only if update actually works.

I’m using chatty with tdlib-purple on pinephone running Manjaro Phosh, I’ve not seen any crashes as of now. That’s how I realized chatty can support Telegram.

What version are you using and from where did you installed it? AUR? If it was AUR can you point the link to the PKBUILD file?

I didn’t have to install at all. It is part of chatty.

I am not super skilled with AUR PKBUILD files, but it seems that they use purple-telegram

oh looks like I misunderstood in that case, thanks for pointing that out. Let me play around it in that case. I’ll report back.

[On Manjaro Phosh, Pinephone]

There are 2 options available tdlib-purple-minimal and tdlib-purple.
tdlib-purple depends on VoIP library and doesn’t build at all since VoIP is not yet ready for aarch64.

I’ve been trying to get tdlib-purple-minimal built however I’m not yet successful. Takes multiple hrs to failure and I couldn’t debug