How to install Veracrypt in PureOS 9.0?

Hi, im trying to install Vera on PureOs and im not sure what option to choose when downloading it.

On the Veracrypt website we find many download options:

I assume it’s one of the two Debian ones? but which one? There’s Debian 9 and Debian 10. Is it Debian 9? Im saying because PureOS 9.0 maybe the 9 is because of Debian 9.

And what is the difference from using the generic installer to specifically choosing the Debian ones?


I’d recommend building it from source, then you don’t need to worry about which Debian package might work.

Building from source seems easy, just download the tarball, unpack it, go inside the “src” directory and run the “make” command there. The veracrypt executable then ends up in the Main directory.

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I have found the Debian 9 package to work just fine. Give it a try! If it doesn’t work, it will error out and you will know to try the other one.

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