How to kill (stop) a blocked (non-responding) app on Librem 5?

I had a blocking app (nemo file manager) on my new Librem 5.

How can I kill the running app?

I tried to swipe it to the top as one does it to close running apps but the app did reappear after a second (“spawning” from the top back into the app carousel where it was before).

How can I kill an blocking app?

Edit Sorry for extending the question but I was asking for a GUI (“convenience”) solution (kill does work of course)

You can probably kill it from the terminal:

killall nemo


sudo killall nemo
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What about this this?

Could you post which link from the search is the one you mean? Search results will differ depending on time and on browser settings.

In addition, because sometimes processes could not respond to it, you can add the ‘-s 9’ option to the killall command, to try and force kill the process

killall -s 9 nemo

killall nemo

yes, good old kill(all :slight_smile:

This will work but I forgot to ask for GUI way of doing it (eg. a swipe)…

BTW: How could I find out the process name of the app (may it be different?)?

For the name equivalences, you can check out the directory /usr/share/applications
In each .desktop files, there is ‘Name=’ (what you see) and ‘Exec=’ (what is launched)

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Would be possible using gnome-system-monitor but it seems to be not adaptive so far. Is it pre-installed on Librem 5? :thinking:


Just kill it via gnome-usage. It has a force-quit action.


Excellent answer, there is a “force quit” question if you click on a process and the process name seems to be the app name. The process list can be filtered easily. THX!

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This is a candidate for L5 users wiki.


Looks like someone did add it to the Tips & Tricks Community Wiki. :+1: