How To Prepare L5 to Send Back to Puri

I have a RMA to send phone back for repairs.
I’m instructed to back up all my -stuff- - don’t need to cause I don’t care what gets deleted.

But I’m not clear about two things: (I have nothing I want to keep or that would be embarrassing on any card.))

1 - They mention removing and keeping the “You can remove storage disk if you wish to keep your data” I take it the storage disk is the card I added for additional storage.

2 - Should I leave the SIM card in it?

Yes. I did ask them but this has to go out tomorrow and I imagine support@ is very busy.



Yes, you may remove the microSD card from the tray.

Up to you, but I suggest removing and placing it in a memorable, safe location before shipping. If you do end up following my suggestion, remember to turn off the Librem 5 before ejecting the tray.

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Don’t forget to remove the battery, and if you want to order an additional battery (or two?), ask them to include that when they ship the L5 back to you.

I would remove the SIM card, too. (Purism could’t connect to your service from California anyway.)


My guess: These are generic instructions and apply to the laptops - and don’t apply to the Librem 5, where you can’t remove “the disk” because it is soldered in.

However I would strongly recommend removing both the µSD card, if present, and the SIM card before despatch. Also the OpenPGP card in the unlikely event that you have inserted one.

As another post says … make sure to power down the phone before opening the tray.

Also be very careful bringing the tray in and out, as others have managed to wedge and/or damage the tray. In particular, this will apply when you bring the tray out with the cards in it, now, and, after you get the phone back, when you bring the try in with the cards again in it.

I think it is helpful to ensure that the phone is the correct way up when removing the tray with cards in it. The problem is that such action may be very infrequent for any given customer, so it is difficult to remember between times which way up is the correct way up.

And, depending on what the problem is, perhaps Purism should be testing the phone before sending it back, which would necessitate inserting their own local SIM, which is another reason to ensure that the customer has removed the customer’s SIM before despatch.


Phone in a bottle?


Yeah- well about that :slight_smile: The instructions I received state:

Include the battery (do not remove it)

So, the gal at the post office asked what it was. She said I had to remove the battery. I explained that that is not the case and to please check the rules again. She didn’t check but stood her ground. I asked how laptops and tablets make it in to the post office for shipping. She got antsy so I took the battery out. I had to re-wrap the box.
The US was closed yesterday 4th and bet everyone is sick today (5th) and weekend is 6th and 7th so it should arrive maybe on 16th.

It shipped Thursday afternoon on a 7 business day delivery rate. Battery is sitting wrapped nicely in my drawer.
I will let support@ know about that Canada Post Poofah.

We have a saying in Canada that we should give the task of managing raging inflation to Canada Post. They won’t fix it, but will sure enough slow it down.


For future reference, when I sent in my Librem 14 with an installed 3-cell battery to Purism over a month ago, I shipped it via DHL, which has a special shipping package just for laptops. You may want to consider using DHL next time if there is an available shipping fulfillment center nearby.

I ordered several Dell laptops that shipped from the U.S. No problem. I think they used Fedex - can’t remember. The batteries were in each Ltops box but in a separate cardboard sleeve. Too, they were not fully charged yet.

I think the service at the Canada Post desk had regulations a bit mixed up. I should have been allowed to wrap and pack the battery separate from the phone, in it’s own container, and was. The battery sits in a little dugout in the L5 box, away from the other stuff.

DHL. Took a while to get their GST number from them after I paid the shock-fee. First few ‘agents’ I had to step over didn’t know what I was so they said they didn’t need one. They had it for 4 days before they sent me a extra bill for extra services by DHL, or the phone could sit there until Satan catches a cold.

Thanks for the tip though. The only local shipper is UPS and Canada Post. Cross-border inbound with UPS sends me a card from Winterpeg telling me what their “broker” fee is and once it’s paid, they’ll ship it to me.

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