How to recognize Librem 5 Evergreen?

How to recognize that Librem 5 is Evergreen version?

Unless you received your phone several years ago, it’s an Evergreen.

The most helpful default assumption is “Evergreen”.

Even so: How can I tell the difference between the different production batches?

See also: What are the weight and dimensions of the Librem 5? for another way to investigate.

I don’t think Purism exactly made it easy to answer this question in a simple, definitive way.

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Only Evergreen have 4500mAh battery?

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I’m not in a position to say one way or the other. I have an Evergreen and I didn’t write the FAQ but the guy who did write the FAQ knows his stuff, so if he says so, I will trust him.

Of course in principle you could find a compatible battery and replace the supplied battery with one that has a different capacity - so I guess any statements made are applying to the Purism-supplied battery (which has the Purism name and logo on it).

Yes, it’s also slightly longer to fit that battery, see

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