How to reduce the display ilumination

I was looking around in g-c-c (gnome-control-center) and could no find any way to reduce the display illumination, esp. when sitting outside in the night. What do I miss here?

I don’t have a Librem 11 (hoping to get one in the future), but since it runs the phosh interace, can you swipe down from the top of the screen and change the brightness there?

That is how I do it on my Librem 5.


That’s right, pull down the top bar (after logging in) and use the brightness slider. With the keyboard attached, you can also use Fn+F9 / Fn+F10.


Completely correct. Sorry for the stupid noise.

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With the keyboard attached, I can’t manage pull down the top bar. It moves only a bit, more or less one inch down, and jumps up again.

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I’m finding that many gestures on the Librem 11 require more motion than seems correct or comfortable. To pull down the top bar, you need to keep swiping until about mid screen. I don’t think the keyboard affects this.

When in an application, swiping up from the bottom to get back to the desktop also takes a very long swipe.

I think that all this is because phosh is designed for phones and screen proportions rather than physical distances.

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If you have the keyboard attached, it should be easier to use the keyboard shortcut:


This shortcut is labeled “Show the notification list” in the “System” section of “Keyboard Shortcuts” in the Settings application.

Also, I’m not sure about this, but when the keyboard is attached to your Librem 11, it might actually allow you to simply tab the top bar, rather than sliding down from it.


That works.