How to remove encryption from hard drives?

I was hoping not to have to encrypt my Librem 13 in the first place but there was
no way around it. Now as I think about it I want to completely remove the

My reason: In the past I lost an encrypted drive and have never been able to recover it,
and I don’t want to go through that ever again! Now, I use the “disk” program to
encrypt USB drives and keep only whats really important on them, unless I have
a file or two needing protection on the system, I’ll use 7zip to encrypt them.

Please tell me how or direct me to where I can find out how to remove encryption
from my new Librem 13 encrypted hard drives?

You cannot, you need to re-install your system.

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Thanks mladen for getting back to me & my problem!
Having had my Lib-13 for a few days now unable to really check it out!
So… please tell me is there instructions anywhere showing me how to do the reinstall?
There’s a lot of things I don’t fully understand about the pureOS yet and some guidance would help. My experience in the past was to download for example KDE-Debian and set it up on a DVD or USB & then install to a hard drive on my system. If that’s all that’s involved then no problem, otherwise point me to any and all instructions!
THKS! fb

Hi @fireboy,

It will be the same procedure. Just download PureOS from and burn it to a USB, and you will be able to reinstall it on your laptop.

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Thank you taylor-williamc,
I’m off to the races now!

Also, installation guide:

Thanks for your help, I have my 13 up and running now! Sorry for such a delay getting back here, had some health issues holding me up but able to move on now. Thks fb!