How to reset librem 5

How to reset my librem 5 when stuck on the disk decryption passphrase screen?

There is no reset, only a reinstall (i.e. “reflash”). You can find instructions for that here in the forum; I would go with the most recent threads, for the most up-to-date info.

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Thanks so much.

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In this respect, the Librem 5 is more like a computer than what we call “smartphones.” (In fact, it is a computer, with added phone functionality. That’s why certain things don’t correspond to the “smartphone way” of doing things.)


If “stuck” means that you don’t know the passphrase and don’t have an external backup of the needed information then … yes, reflash, unfortunately.

If “stuck” means that you know the passphrase and you are trying to enter it but the phone is unresponsive or otherwise malfunctioning then there may be other ways of regaining access to the phone.


PS The LUKS man page suggests that you limit a disk decryption passphrase to ASCII printable characters. If your passphrase included any other characters then that could be the problem (albeit that, yes, it makes a brute force attempt by an attacker against your passphrase more difficult).

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