How to resize the Activities View in Phosh

I think the activities view in Phosh by default takes up too much of the screen’s real estate. I’d like to shrink that so that I can see more rows of the app grid when the activities view is visible. Is it possible to resize the activities view? If so, how would that be done?


Settings → Displays, then change Scale to 150% for five row icons, 125% for six row icons, or 100% for seven row icons.

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I should reword my request: Is it possible to resize the activities view without shrinking icons, text, and the display of apps that are opened?

Changing the scale as you propose does show more rows in the app grid; I’m more focused on the alternative: Changing/shrinking the scale of the activities overview so instead of taking up roughly half the screen it takes up, let’s say, only one quarter of the screen (and thus giving more screen space to the app grid).


Sounds like a CSS modification that @Ick may be able to explain in more detail for you.

This could be hard-coded. So I don’t think CSS can fix this. But I need to look into it first, I could be wrong. Currently my phone is just busy for next hours, so I need some time before I can give a look.

On the other side I saw some work on git about this. I’m just not sure what’s the current status/goal (shunken overview or the solution similar to lockscreen with clock and swipe to pin pad). That would be the other point to investigate.

Edit about git:
There is a MR to split overview from app grid (similar as the lockscreen example) and another MR with same topic. And there is also a MR to create folders, which means less space needed for app grid in general.


@dln949: Was playing around too long for this and still not successfully. I was able to increase it, which is not what you’re looking for. I was able to reduce size, but only while also reducing horizontal space of app-grid (so you have unused space below). And the only solution that comes close to your needs breaks things (moves top of app-grid behind top panel). There is a hard-coded “fill” and “expand” value which make it impossible to customize via CSS (at least I think so).

So the solution would be improving Phoshs source code. (Also see first 2 links of previous post.)

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Alright, I am confident @guido.gunther has some insight into how to deal with this resizing issue, although based on all current information so far, such modifications may not be user-friendly.

What modifications? (CSS? MR?)

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Not sure, there is not enough information.