How to set up Librem Key with Heads?

I am so lost right now! I’ve looked at the Librem Key documents to set it up, but there isn’t anything that gives a step-by-step on using it with Heads. Heck; I’m having a hard time just looking for a guide on what to do to put Heads into my OS. It just links articles.

I’m a noob. I really don’t understand the specifics of this set-up. It talks on how to get it going with the Librem laptop, but I don’t have said laptop; I got an HP ENVY with Zorin OS. Can I even set it up on a different PC?

How do I set up Heads? Is there a good guide I can follow? Am I needing to look into alternatives? I’m just not finding anything that could help.

heads is a bios replacement so you have first check if your hardware is supported with heads.

if you are a noob in taht matter, better bailout this idea. bios flashing especially not provided by vendor, is not a task for noob - you can simply brick your device.

what i mean is, you will have to compile bios from source, then flash it. if you make wrong configuration choices you can render your machine in unbottable state.

librem key setup with heads is being simplest parts ,as after flashing heads as a bios it will present you setup menu.

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Yeah, that’s what I thought. Ugh.

I think I found some step-by-step documents, but the explanations & guides were pretty complicated. I understood some aspects of it, but once it got around the middle steps, it just became a foreign language at that point.

Is there anything I could do with the Librem Key, private-wise? Simpler alternatives? I have my keys set up on it; I think I read about using an app to work alongside it? I’m not 100% sure on it. All the same, I’m trying to bulk up my PC; having some kind of privacy/security on my device is the end-goal, and I bought the Key under the assumption that it’ll offer a bit of safety.

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AFAIK Librem Key should be useful for managing GPG keys, even if you do not have Heads:

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