How to share content

What I do miss, compared with my Ubuntu mobile, is sharing all kind of content, for example from the app Image Viewer having some picture in view the ability (button or menu item) to say share this picture with someone which opens a list of other applications to be able to send this picture with, for example Telegram Desktop or mail or …

It can be done from nautilus, but from other apps we have to wait until the developers add the option to it so.

If you add a Script in ~/.local/share/nautilus/scripts and make it executable it will appear when you do right click/long press on a file/folder, to share using Telegram Desktop I use this script

telegram-desktop -sendpath "$(readlink -f "$1")"
wmctrl -x -a Telegram.TelegramDesktop

I didn’t tried on the L5 yet as I’m not using it as daily driver; hope it helps.