How to silence incoming call

Hi! I’m was unable to find a way to silence (not reject) incoming phone call in phosh.

I’m used to do that from android by pressing volume-down. It immediately stops call ringing and vibration but keeps the pending call active until the caller hang up or operator stops to calling (after a minute or so).

I do that when I need immediate silence but have no time reject+sending SMS. This way the caller gets “info” that I’m unable to pick up or away from my phone.

Do somebody know if there is such functionality present in phosh/calls? :slight_smile:


I don’t think there is any functionality like that yet. However, there was an update that made it easier to rapidly lower the system (thus also ringtone) volume by holding the volume down button.

The only thing is you have to remember to raise the volume again afterwards, which can also be done by holding the volume up button.

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I plan ahead and keep the cellular kill switch activated, so that there is no potential of any disturbances.

Yes, seems like there should be a mute button on the incoming call window, which has the effect of muting that application until the call stops ringing but in no way interacts with the call (e.g. doesn’t reject the call / doesn’t accept the call).


In lieu of a future fix, a workaround may be to temporarily disconnect the cellular modem with the hardware killswitch, then enable it again after the call fails. This should return a “call failed” rather than “call rejected” signal to the person calling.


My personal fix might be putting the phone on silent

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Thank you all for quick replies! I’m also putting the phone on silent when I don’t want to be disturbed. It’s just not an optimal solution since I’m frequently participating in online meetings and forget to mute/unmute the phone.

But I’ve selected this topic as solved all the answers imply that there is no such functionality at this moment which is the info I was searching for :slight_smile: