How to take a screenshot in the Librem 5

I need to take a couple of screenshots to show the behaviour of the phone in another thread. On Android the On/Off + Volume Down combination does it? How does it work on the Librem 5?

Thank you.

After you install the Librem-5 goodies bundle (from the software store), an app called Screenshot will install. It allows you to set the delay in seconds before it captures the screen. So just make sure what you want to capture is open when that happens.

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Thank you for replying. Unfortunately, a search for “goodies” in the Store app yields no results. Neither does “Librem-5”.

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You can also install it from the terminal. Find the instructions on this page:

By the way, when you take a screenshot, it saves automatically to Pictures in the Home folder. You’ll need a file browser. I use nemo, which works great. Others use nautilus.
Or you can cd to Pictures in the terminal to get them.

Edit: Actually, just install librem5-goodies from the terminal. I had the “-” in the wrong place.


Now, that works! Thank you.

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Yet, for those wanting it to be installable from the PureOS Store: Seek out for “Gnome Screenshot”.

I’d like it better to have to functionality available by pressing some button(s) - but nonetheless.
Give Delay in Seconds of 3 and press big blue “Take Screenshot” Button, switch to the screen you want to capture and await the click-sound.

Great article on this from @Kyle_Rankin: