How to tap/touch the Librem 5 screen

I’m not able to figure out how to tap/touch the screen to make things happen on the Lirbrem 5. Example: In the “Files” app, when I touch and hold a file, a context menu appears - which I would expect. But, the moment I remove my finger in order to make a selection from that context menu… The context menu disappears!

Other difficulties: I haven’t been able to select text, copy that selected text, and then paste it elsewhere. And, I don’t know how to select non-continguous items for a common action.

Where can I learn about how these actions are to be done?

Hi dln949,

first: I have no phone so i just can guess. My advice is: just play around. Mostly you need some other kind of timing for double-click, holding, Mark-Copy-Paste, activate Sub Dialog, or least further Settings.

I would start in your Settings for your Mouse/Touch. On most Gnome Devices you find a little Play-Section for this after you click on “Test your Settings”.

Hope this Link give you some suggestion.

At least for GNOME Files, this is a known issue with the context menu: Using the context menu in Files/Nautilus