How to test modem hardware ? (Receiving SMS malfunction)

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Is it possible to do a hardware test of the modem? I have the impression that the malfunctioning antenna of my city can be damaged the modem: I no longer receive the SMS.

For those who want to know the details of my misfortune tests:

History is happening in France, in Agen.

I’ve been dealing with a strange problem for two weeks, my Librem 5 no longer receives SMS. On the other hand it can always send SMS and internet in 4G and WIFI works without problem. So I contacted my French operator (Free) who assured me that everything works on their side.

I asked the question on the Librem 5 French-language telegram channel to find out if there were similar bugs, but no one has this problem. So I reinstalled my Librem 5 of 0 with the Purism script and I didn’t put anything like profile to be the closest to a factory setting, but still no SMS reception.

So I will order a new SIM card to see (5 days waiting), but also having a PinePhone Pro on Mobian (new), I tried my current SIM on the PinePhone Pro and there, all the SMS arrived suddenly, on the channel. So I conclude that something is wrong with my Librem 5.

So another point to note: The main antenna of my city (Agen) and completely dysfunctional for 15 days, we can believe that it comes from there, but during my trips with the Librem 5 last week (Albi) with my old profile, the problem remained the same, still no SMS reception.

I’m going to do another test tonight with the Librem 5 with a fresh 0 installation and factory setting, in another city (Bordeaux) where the antennas work normally to see but it’s quite possible that it doesn’t change anything.

Perhaps this thread can help: I can no longer recieve sms messages

Your message buffer may be full.

You can interact with some functions of the modem with mmcli. Try:

sudo mmcli -m any --messaging-list-sms

This should list messages in your buffer that have not been fully received. Or so I understand it.

You can delete them with:

sudo mmcli -m any --messaging-delete-sms=[number]

Or you could try to read the data to a file with:

sudo mmcli -s [number] --create-file-with-data=/path/to/the/output/file

Deleting them should clear up the buffer and allow new messages to be received.


Maybe all you have to do is call your local DGSE and have them unblock your SMS?

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Thank you so much aaronrolls !! :partying_face:

I actually had five blocked SMS on the waiting list.

I did the cleaning with the command, everything works now without problem! Great!!
I will now know what to do if it reproduces.

Have a very good day!!