How to test squeekboard keycodes?

I have an issue with squeekboard in some applications. In obsidian while using the terminal keyboard, if I type a capital T it will select the entire title of the note instead of outputting to the T it should. However the normal english squeekboard does not have this issue. The normal keyboard does something weird with capital C that the terminal keyboard does not.

I tried using showkey but it looks like it only works with hardware keys, not sqeekboard.

Is there anyway to show what sqeekboard is outputing to the system?

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Do you use a custom layout? If not, what exactly language are you using (want to know the exact layout from the list)?

US, default layout. And terminal keyboard when needed.

Obsidian is based on Electron, which is based on Chromium, which has buggy keyboard input handling.


To answer the actual question, the standard WAYLAND_DEBUG variable can be used to debug what Squeekboard puts on the wire (this is not a problem in Squeekboard though, although it can be workaround there).

Thanks for posting that. I should have remembered that Obsidian is running on top of Chromium.