How to Update Firefox on Librem 14

Good morning,
I’m a newbie with a question.
How do I upgrade Firefox on my Librem 14.
My credit card company says my browser is out of date so I can’t access their website.
I installed Firefox on my Librem 14 over a year ago.
Please give simple step by step instructions …still a newbie!!
Thanks for any help available

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Open up a terminal and run:

flatpak search firefox
If it appears then run:
flatpak install firefox

Otherwise, you can enable flathub and re-run above:

flatpak remote-add PureOS --user

If you installed Firefox using the native package management instead of flatpak, where I believe the package is named firefox-esr, then it should automatically update if you simply launch Terminal app and then issue the commands

sudo apt update
sudo apt full-upgrade

But if your firefox is installed as a flatpak instead, then follow what purism121 said.

Thank you very much. I will try all these kind suggestions.
I much appreciate such rapid help to fix my problem

Hello Dionk
Thank you for adding this help. I have printed both replies and will take it step by step!
I installed Firefox using a command in Terminal which was sent to me by Purism Support in an email. So I don’t think it was flatpak.
I very much appreciate your prompt reply with help to solve this problem.
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday

To clarify the situation, I recommended flatpak so that the OP would get the latest version of Firefox. Purism uses the Extended Service Release version by default. I assumed from the OP’s initial description that the ESR version was too outdated.
So now we have the ESR update and the flatpak version.
I would also note that another option is to switch to chromium for this web site to see if it works better than firefox-esr before going to the trouble of using flatpak.
Good luck everyone.

Thanks a whole bunch. I’ll check out chromium. Is it owned by google?
With gratitude

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Generally, Firefox and Chromium are both funded primarily by Google at this point. Firefox, as noted from Mozilla reports, receives ~80ish% of its funding from Google in return for setting default search provider. Chromium, by contrast, is the basis of Chrome browser but which was open sourced so that Google can receive contributions from anyone at the base layer to reap that benefit before they publish the Chrome version naming on top with the added proprietary Googly-ness to better monitor users or whatever.