How to upgrade from PureOS 8 to 9?

Hi, last year I have installed PureOS 8 and Now I have seen, that there is a PureOS 9 for download.

How can I upgrade my existing version 8 ? sudo apt-get dist-upgrade isn’t working

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This is what worked for me:

    sudo apt update   # updates the list of available packages, then
    sudo apt full-upgrade   # updates all software

Note that this updates all available software, not just the operating system.
“apt” is a higher-level, more beginner-friendly front end for such tools as “apt-get” and “apt-cache”. See:

    man apt

I did some more reading, and it looks like “apt-get dist-upgrade” ought to behave the same way as “apt full-upgrade”.
What kind of error messages do you get when trying to upgrade?
What sources are you using? On my computer, the /etc/apt/sources.list file contains:

deb amber main
deb amber-security main
deb amber-updates main

I believe the version number was changed to reflect Purism’s decision to offer a stable version of PureOS.

If you view the /etc/apt/sources.list file, you will likely see references to amber/main, as shown in the post @DHS above. Amber is the codename for the stable PureOS release. Software updates will be relatively few and focused on security fixes. So you likely are already using PureOS 9, just by having amber as the target.

If you want a more frequently updated system that offers more “bleeding-edge” functionality (though which might occasionally have some minor crashes as a result), you can change the word amber to byzantium (the codename for the rolling-release variant), then do

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

If @jeremiah pops in, I’m sure he can elaborate.

When I did what @DHS said for updating the OS (in a virtual environment), I did see Amber-Main and associated targets. So the Pure OS I do have upgraded with no issues, although it would help to mention I did the upgrade as root user.

thx all for answering. It was amber and I have changed now to byzantium and 1414 updates are available.

EDIT: After Updating all 1414 files everything works fine.